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Will you be at CommunityOne next Monday ?

Then you should join our session

ID#: S304174 Title: Community Equity: A Social Value System for Social Networks Track: Social and Collaborative Platforms Date: 01-JUN-09 Time: 01:40 PM – 02:30 PM Room: North Hall 124

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Why ? You will hear […]

Enterprise Microblogging – so what ?

A couple of weeks back we started an internal project called !sweet to pilot an Enterprise microblogging service. We defined following project objectives

Learn how to apply microblogging in an enterprise Technical: how easy would it be to integrate such a service ? Business: what should we do with it ? Build an internal open […]

SunSpace is live

On July 14th we released the production version of SunSpace (formerly CE 2.0) to our global technical community @Sun.

This is probably one of the most advanced Social Networking implementation in a large Enterprise today !

It provides a social networking-enabled community framework and enables our user to:

1. Build their own social network […]

Folksonomies and Taxonomies Cookbook

Daniela Barbosa from Dow Jones just published an excellent ebook about Folksonomies and Taxonomies.

Great work Daniela

… and while you reading it you will find a nice reference to our CE 2.0 project …